Pop songs — even or especially catchy, well-crafted pop songs of the sort Chicago trio Weatherman writes —are like clouds, never the same no matter how many times you experience them. Minimalist piano melodies shift and undulate between drums, voice, and electronics; as soon as you’re certain how one makes you feel, something changes inside you. Light and shadow, pattern and chaos. Signal and noise. Don’t let anyone tell you that pop music is easy, simple, rote. A song like the buzzy, tension-filled “Stargazing” can be a balm one moment, the next it’s a vesper. And when, on the autumnal, radiant “Wild Geese” pianist Annie Toth sings “Tell me about yours,” and then trails off, you want to confess. You want to spill your guts. Then you want to play the song again. Alongside Joshua Dumas helming electronics, and drummer/drum programmer Jason Toth, Annie is taking pop music to a place that demands active, not passive, participation. Live, they’ve shared stages with such contemporary luminaries as Juana Molina, Cathedrals, Ryley Walker, Wild Belle, Moonface, and Jesca Hoop, and you know in your bones that in every new town, on every new stage, both the band and its songs take on new dimensions from the very air. 

- Michael Metivier May 2017